I've grown as a leader by coaching and mentoring designers, researchers, producers, strategists, brand designers, and marketers.

I've grown as a leader by coaching and mentoring designers, researchers, producers, strategists, brand designers, and marketers.


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Product Design
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Cross-disciplinary leadership
Developing a creative culture
Recruiting and scaling teams
Strategy and planning
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I was born in Segovia, a small city in the center of Spain, and grew up in Madrid where I studied and developed my career. I've lived in 3 countries - Spain, the United Arab Emirates, and Japan! where I got stuck during COVID for months, becoming one of the most transformational experiences of my life. Today, I'm living in Dubai - UAE, a place to call home for the past 5+ years.

At the age of 14, I started mixing music, and after some months I saw the need to create covers to share my mixtapes with friends, a life-changing moment that aroused my curiosity for design, and although I continued playing music, design became my priority. I started engaging in forums and learning the craft completely self-taught when I was 15, and started onboarding my first clients at only 16.


I went to Design School in Madrid, where I got my higher education in Design & Advertising, graduating top of the class and being selected to represent Madrid in the national competition "World Skills Spain", achieving the National Bronze Prize. I coursed my Masters and specialized in Digital Design, but my love for the craft remained untouched.

After more than 200 freelance projects and two advertising agencies, I stepped into the Startup ecosystem, the perfect space to continue developing my career as a designer and learn everything about entrepreneurship and business. The sweet spot for me was early-stage companies, where my contribution was needed at different layers of the organization, from Product Design and UX to Branding, Investor Relations, etc. I have experience as a solo designer and wearing multiple hats, to scaling teams in hyper-growth companies.

I have had the opportunity to work alongside the most talented people in every area of expertise, from product and engineering to operations and growth, and got to absorb business acumen from a wide array of models - Software as a Service (SaaS), OTT, Video-on-demand and entertainment, Real Estate and Proptech...

My aim is to continue growing and learning from the best, obsessing about customers, and crafting delightful experiences.


2021 - Present


Chief Experience Officer

Chief Experience Officer

2019 - 2021


Head of Design

2015 - 2019


Design Lead